Company Profile

IFESTOS Aluminum Accessories was founded in 1968 in Thessaloniki, Greece and since then it continues to engage the company's customers throughout the world, offering unmatched product quality at the right price.
IFESTOS' privately owned installations exceed 5.000 sq. m. and include amongst others an R&D Department, a complete machine shop, five entirely automatic die casting machines, a top of the line, eight robot, electrostatic powder coating unit as well as a test room built upon the latest EN European standards for product evaluation assured through the UKAS ISO 9001:2008 certification.
In 2009, IFESTOS expanded its production plant in Bulgaria, with an aim to fulfill the increasing requirements regarding the company's export activities in the Balkans, as well as in third countries.
From 2010 until 2016, IFESTOS has continued to expand its share on the Greek and foreign market by increasing the investments in automated production capitals and in the preparation of the new generation staff that will assume key positions in the administrative structure of the company.
The next five years, that mark the company's first fifty years of presence in the aluminum sector, a fact that renders IFESTOS one of the longest running companies in the field, have already been accurately planned. These plans include the extension of its premises both in Greece and Bulgaria, the development and consolidation of a new integrated sales management platform as well as the design and implementation of modern solutions with the quality that all of IFESTOS' partners have come to know and enjoy.


Quality is the top priority for IFESTOS, all the way from certified raw materials and prototyping to the optimization of production processes and the refined final product packaging. IFESTOS is the first company in Greece to ever create its own test room conforming to the European ΕΝ standards, allowing it to place its entire range of products under rigorous tests, while keeping each production phase strictly standardized, thus allowing our partners to continue enjoying the quality that defines every IFESTOS product.


The production capacity of IFESTOS follows an upward trend that is inseparably connected to the expansion of export activities and the increase in capital investments. The company's production lines are regularly upgraded, while the production process itself with continuous improvements either through the use of new, modern machinery, or through intracompany custom based adjustments to existing solutions, highlights the commitment of IFESTOS in achieving a perfect result.

Research & Development

The expansion of the sales network combined with the flexible and constantly optimized production cycles, features that provide a 'photograph' of the previous decade of IFESTOS, culminate in the establishment, as an internal addition to the company's infrastructure, of the department of RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT (R & D). The R&D department, in its present form, constitutes a key part of the entire production process, being responsible for the initial feasibility study, the development of a methodology based on the company's internal structure as well as selecting the appropriate optimization techniques during the design or rapid prototyping phases. The internal RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT department added to the company's expertise emphasizes the attention to detail that has always been a focal point in the philosophy of IFESTOS.