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Introducing IFESTOS latest addition: the MISTRAL series handles, boasting a captivating, brand-new design. MISTRAL handles elegantly complement both doors and windows alike, adding a touch of sophistication to any space. Elevate your surroundings with the unparalleled charm of IFESTOS MISTRAL handles for doors and windows.

Launching the IRIS series: a cutting-edge lineup of heavy-duty hinges. Compatible with both CE and PVC profiles, the M900 & M900-PVC hinges can be finely adjusted by plus or minus 1.5mm in either direction boasting an impressive 100kg capacity for 2 hinges and 120kg for 3 hinges. To see the entire IRIS product lineup click the button below

Presenting the M850 and M830 hinges, tailored specifically for PVC profiles. Building upon the legacy of excellence established by their CE counterparts the M100.3 and M130 hinges, the M850 and M830 uphold the same excellent quality and durability. To see the new M850 and M830, click the button below

Shutter hinge with no damage to the wall and no holes on the thermal insulation?

  • No wall damage, no holes on the thermal insulation

    This new, innovative solution available only from IFESTOS Aluminium Accessories, allows you to install the shutter hinge without damaging your wall and without opening holes on your thermal insulation
  • Maximum protection against strong winds

    When you open your shutter, the wind-stop will automatically lock at 180 degrees; practically against the wall itself giving you maximum stability with no shutter banging
  • Extra profile protection

    All of our shutter hinges with wind-stop come with a special plastic lining for additional profile protection

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